At Oak Hill, all children are expected to complete basic skills homework for Reading, Spelling and Maths; this homework is compulsory. Compulsory Homework will be set every Friday and should be completed. It will be checked by their class teacher every week. This homework is designed to support and develop your child with their basic reading, spelling and maths skills.  Children who do not complete Compulsory Homework will be expected to catch up in their own time (during playtimes or lunchtimes).

Remember! The library in Feltham has lots of books and computers for you to use if you need to or you can pop along to Homework club on Tuesday lunchtimes in 6D!

Happy researching and be as imaginative as possible!

Year 3 Homework

NEW ENRICHMENT HOMEWORK WAS GIVEN OUT TODAY- any questions, please ask your child’s class teacher.
Please remember that his homework is not compulsory.

This week, your child will have come home with spellings in their homework books. We will be adding more tasks to Active Learn, please make sure that children complete these. The final part of the enrichment homework is due next Wednesday. 


Thank you to those people who came to the read with your child workshops last week! There are also support materials on the website and add other websites listed below that are great places to get support/ideas about how to help your child with reading comprehension.




www.arbookfind.co.uk/ - To find out what level different books are at



www.booktrust.org.uk/books/children/booklists/242/ - For 6-8 year olds

www.booktrust.org.uk/books/children/booklists/243/  - For 9-11 year olds


Year 4 Homework

This week in the children’s Enrichment Homework children are welcome to design a shield for their very own House in Hogwarts!

Task 2: Wednesday 8th March

Create your own Hogwarts house! Design your own shield- what animal will represent your house? What colours? What words best describe your house? What wizards will the sorting hat choose for your house?

In addition to this, they have also got their weekly spellings and Active Learn homework!


Year 5 Homework

Enrichment Project

Task 2: Due in Wednesday 15th March


Your task is to create an exciting fact file all about different lifecycles, presented in any way you choose (e.g. poster, booklet, Power-Point Etc.)!  We will display these in our Science learning areas so the rest of the class can use them as a learning tool!


The children have received a spelling sheet which will need to be filled in and handed in on Wednesday. The children will be tested on the spelling words during a dictation lesson.

Suggested ways to learn the spellings: Read the words out loud, sound them out, say the letters out loud, look for any spelling rules/patterns, write them out in coloured pens/bubble writing, create mnemonics for tricky words (Big Elephants Can Always Understand Small Elephants).



The children also need to read their Accelerated Reader book each evening as part of their homework, as this helps them with their reading and inference skills and is also essential in supporting spelling, vocabulary and general writing skills.

 When the children complete their Accelerated reading books, they take an online quiz which tests their inference and understanding of the text alongside their actual ability to decode and read the words. The quiz indicates what level book they can get from the library and also allows us to monitor and track their progress and their developing inference skills.


The children all have a mental maths task set on Abacus Active learn (School code rr7w) which is to be done by Wednesday.

The children access this work by going to https://www.activelearnprimary.co.uk/login?c=0 and using their normal school log in.

 If children have found a maths lesson tricky, children are encouraged to take home a maths sheet and continue their learning at home- children are rewarded in class for extra efforts made towards their learning!


Year 6 Homework

There will be no homework this week; the assessments have been completed and the children deserve a rest!

However, it would be great if you could continue to support your children at home in the run up to the SATS. Short bursts of quality work on reading, SPaG and Maths would be useful; checking answers and working through mistakes is a practice the children use at school, and it can work well at home too!

www.londonnews247.co.uk contains some past papers

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