Parent Voice Forum - Thursday 06/10/16

Parent Voice Forum - Thursday 06/10/16
Apologies from 2
12 parents attended, the Principal Mrs Saim and Chair of Governors Mrs Dee Howley
Attendees: Anonymous minutes were requested by parents.
1. Decisions made by the parent group:
No class reps this year, parents felt it didn’t work last year it would be better for parents to attend this group
2. Active Learn - not easy to work for some parents.
Children do have a password in back books.
*More communication to parents on Active Learn was requested
*Demo sessions from Staff were requested
*Parents Evenings could be a time to parents to request further support – school will run parent sessions in autumn 2
3. CLASS DOJO – A Parent Dojo training session to be held after half term
With Mr Ridgeway – 9am/2.45
4. Spellings - Expectations and further clarity for parents on what is required for spellings is needed as parents are still not clear
5. Certificates to go to all children who made a project * celebratory evening for each year group will be happening too. Golden time for those children who made a project.
6. School play: There were 60 auditions, 30 main parts were given. All other children were offered choir and 20 children joined. 10 children have dropped out.
 Choir will expand nearer the show but children only come if they want to.
7. Homework – Repeat the message to staff to have a proper homework box available. Mrs Saim has done this.
 Homework emails sent to all to Parents weekly
*Parent Info a session was run for e-safety + Accelerated Reader/ Class Dojos (9 parents attended in the morning and 18 parents attended in the afternoon)
8. Library – Mrs Saim would like any parents interested to become librarians 9am/ 12:45pm or 3:15pm
9. Y5 Sex Education (January 2017) – Parents Pre meet
Dates/times set by Year 5 during first week back 3/01/17
RS to send Questions/Parent Survey out: This happened it was on the website and we have a report to look through.
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