Cross Country Competition

On Tuesday 8th November, 11 year 5 and 6 children took the minibus with Mrs King and Miss Le Voir to Osterley National Trust park, for a cross-country competition – the first of its kind for a couple of years at Oak Hill Academy. The eager children walked the 1.6km route, minding out for tree roots underfoot and many dog walkers!

The boy’s race was the first race of the day so Joel, James D, Shayan, Nyle, Kelsey and Jakub got themselves behind the starting line, ready to make their school proud. The boys started like a stampede of elephants rushing around the first corner and after just 6 minutes 57 seconds, James crossed the finish line in 15th position. Joel crossed the line in 50th position with Jakub, Kelsey, Nyle and Shayan soon after. This is a fantastic achievement as over 130 boys took part in the race!

With the boy’s race over, the girls were up next with Romelle, Danielle, Chanel, Annalise and Ravija eager to do their best. After just 7 minutes 11 seconds, Chanel crossed the finish line, after giving everything she had, in a superb 3rd position.  Annalise was close behind in 14th position whilst Danielle, Romelle and Ravija crossed the line with their own brilliant positions.

Well done to all the children involved on the cold November day. You made your school and teachers extremely proud. ​

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