School Watch

All the Schools in the area operate a School Watch system.  This means that if there is any suspicious activity in the local area, all schools will be notified.  Please note that we will display details here on our website when these notifications are received.

School Watch Alerts:

SCHOOL: Grove Road Primary

DATE/TIME: 7.3.17 12.30pm

LOCATION: Grove Road, Hounslow

Gender: Male & Female, Age: 30/40, Height: Average, Build: Slim, Skin Colour: Brown, Hair: Black, Eyes: Brown, Bag/Umbrella/Items: Holding a gold iPhone.


Man was seen taking pictures/filming children on the playground. Tried to talk to the children giving some personal details about himself and where he worked. Invited children to come and talk to him again.


SCHOOL: Victoria Junior School

DATE/TIME: 07/03/2017 8.30am

LOCATION: Alleyway from Victoria Road to School

Gender: Male, Age: 25-30, Height: 5'8"-5;10", Build: Medium, Skin: Black, Hair: Short cropped, Eyes: Brown, Coat: Dark Black/Blue, Skirt/Trs/Dress: Dark Jogging Bottoms, Shoes/Boots: Black Shoes, Bag: Possible blue Nike Bag


Child was walking to school along alleyway from Victoria Road, Feltham towards rear entrance of school. Child joined up with a group of three others, became aware of a man ahead of them who stopped by the bushes and threw a Lucozade bottle in the bushes. The man (carrying a McDonald’s drink) then stopped and shook his head at the boys then beckoned to one of the boys to come towards him. The boy ran to the main entrance of the school and reported the incident. The other boys walkd to the rear school entrance and the man was seen to run/jog over the bridge/footpath towards Cardinal Road Infant and Nursery School. A parent was told about the man, looked for him but couldn’t see anything.


SCHOOL: The Green School

DATE/TIME: 27/01/2017

LOCATION: 235 Bus, Brentford

Gender: Male, Age: Apporox 30 - 40yrs, Height: 5'5", Build: Stocky, Skin Colour: Black, Hair: Bald/ closely shaved, Eyes: Brown Moustache/Beard: Stubble, Jumper: Grey Hoodie, Skirt/Trs/Dress: Dark blue jeans, Shoes/Boots: Dark Trainers, Voice/Acent: African Accent.


The student was on the 235 bus in Brentford. A man approached her, sat next to her and started to ask her questions about her name, where she lived and where she went to school. The man then asked if he could have the student’s phone number. The man told the student that his name was ‘Julian’. The student was made to feel very uncomfortable and got off the bus one stop early to get away from him.


SCHOOL: Springwest Academy

DATE/TIME: 17/01/17

LOCATION: Leisurewest carpark, Feltham, Middlesex

Gender: Male, Age: Apporox 40yrs, Height: 5'8", Build: Skinny, Skin Colour: White, Hat: Hoodie (over his head), Hair: Short & Dark, Moustache/Beard: Stubble, Jumper: Dark Hoodie, Skirt/Trs/Dress: Dark Joggers, Shoes/Boots: Trainers, Voice/Acent: English Accent, Scars/Tattoos: Spots on his face,


The student was walking through Leisurewest carpark to school when a man doing a wheelie on his push bike started really staring at the boy.  The man said to the boy “What the f**k are you staring at you little pri*k”.  The boy carried on walking. The man then said “Are you gonna f**king answer me or what?” The boy turned around to see where he was and the man said “Really you’re going to look at me again you little sh*t”.  He then dropped his bike and started running towards the boy.  The boy started running and bumped into one of our SMSA staff and explained what was happening. 

The man ran back to his bike.  The boy was brought safely into school by the SMSA. 

Parents and Police were called.


SCHOOL: Chatsworth Primary School

DATE/TIME: 10/01/17 approx 3.30pm

LOCATION: Outside school - Heath Road, TW3

Gender: Male, Age: Late 30's, Build: Slim, Skin: White, Hat: Hood, Coat: Dark Jacket, Skirt/Trs/Dress: Dark Trousers.


A parent had passed this man as she was coming to school to collect her child.  She noticed him particularly because of how slowly he was walking and because he was constantly looking around.  She saw that he had walked towards the school gate but didn’t come on to the school site.  After she had collected her child, she noticed that he was still waiting outside the gates.  She walked past him and started to walk back in the direction of her home.  She stopped and pretended to check something so that she could see what he was doing without making it obvious.  He had also started walking in the same direction as her and again was walking slowly but she saw that he didn’t have any children with him which made her suspicious.  He also crossed over Heath Road by the post office after she had done the same.  She then started to worry that he might be following her so she waited on the small green just on the corner of Heath Road and Central Avenue for a short while to see what his movements were.  She then saw that he was loitering by the bus stop so she quickly walked home and phoned the school to inform us.


SCHOOL: Springwest Academy

DATE/TIME : 09/12/2016 after school

LOCATION: Hounslow- Near Fern Lane. TW5

Gender: 1 Male & 1 Female, Age: Both Approx 20,  Build: Man- normal, Lady-Large, Skin Colour: Both
White,  Hair: Both 
Brown, Voice/ Accent: Both had accents

Man was wearing a blue shirt, blue jeans and trainers carrying a black rucksack.

Female was wearing a red T-shirt and blue jeans. 


The student got on the 482 bus at Hatton Cross Station, going home from school to Hounslow (these people were already on the bus). The student got off the bus in Hounslow and started to walk home when the woman on the bus come round to the front of her and tried to snatch her phone, the student pulled the phone back from the woman, the man stepped in to help the woman.  The student kicked the lady, the lady then punched the student in the mouth.  The woman had the phone in her hands, the student grabbed it back and ran home.  No police were called.


SCHOOL: Hounslow Heath Infant & Nursery

DATE/TIME: 09/12/2016   9am

LOCATION: Martindale Road

Gender: Male, Age: mid 30s, Height: 5ft 10' ish, Build: Well built, Skin: Dark, Hair: Dark,
Wearing a brown hat and a brown knee length Jkt


A parent was coming to school in the morning with her child, the man was coming from the opposite direction grabbed her bag (nearly pushing her over) and ran off

The police have been informed.



SCHOOL :       Beavers Community Primary School

DATE/TIME: 05/12/2016

LOCATION: Arundel Rd  Hounslow 

A Female aged between 25 and 35, height; 5ft 5ins, Build: slim, Skin Colour: Asian Coloured, Hair: Dark shoulder length, Wearing a dark Jkt and Dark Trousers carrying a Dark Bag. 


SMSA reported to the office a lady she thought was taking pictures of the children in the playground at lunch time. Member of the office team looked at CCTV footage which confirmed the lady took pictures through the fence twice. The lady managed to get away before someone was able to approach her. 

St. Mary’s, Isleworth

01/12/2016 at 3.20-3.25pm

In the Playground

A Male with Dark/stubble around nose & chin

Long Grey Padded Coat, Padded hood of coat up.

At pick up time, Isleworth Explorers were collecting group of children, whilst waiting in playground, a man with above description and wearing his padded hood up, came close to a child & positioned himself in-between child and adult.  When the adult asked if the child knew the man, the child said he had never seen him before.  There was no acknowledgement from the man in question that he had mistaken the child and he swiftly moved away.  He did not appear to have a child of his own with him.


Orchard Primary School

Friday 4th November 2016
Behind Adobe Huts: School Field
A Male, Age: Mid 40s, Skin Colour: White, Wearing a black Adidas tracksuit bottoms and blue Adidas top.
The man was behind the Adobe Huts on the playing field.  As a member of staff approached he left the school site through the back gate to Cromwell Road.


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